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F2HTML F2HTML helps you to choose fonts for use in your web pages
Size: 9 KB
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font web create text choose choose fonts sample text  
(A00-201) SAS Base Programming Exam Study Guide certification, exam, materials, syllabus, sample question, Braindumps sample questions, sample test, sample tests,...
Size: Evaluation
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sample editor sample questions sample test sample tests  
Discombobulator BPM calculator This Beat Per Minute Calculator can calculate a sample's beats per minute, beats per sample, rate, sample length in seconds or samples. It has a form that will show you all the equations.
Size: 398K
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sample editor sample test sample tests sample sensor data  
ksFontViewer ksFontViewer is a fun and easy application for previewing your fonts.
Size: 995.82K
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viewer font view View Text sample text Font Viewer  
QB - Text Analyzer Create, sort, and export vocabulary lists to HTML.
Size: 475.8K
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analyzer generate text Proxy Analyzer sample text  
The Font Thing v0.80b2 Easily manage and view fonts
Size: 1.1 MB
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sample text uninstalled cannot be uninstalled  

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Text Measurement Text Measurement allows providing a text sample and selecting a font, returning the approximate dimensions of the provided sample.
Size: 332 KB
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font measure measurement font type Measure Text Text Size  
Font List It can print a sample of the selected font(s) or copy it to the clipboard. It also works as a CopyWriter utility. To change the sample text, simply modify the file 'Sample.txt'. Give it a try and see ...
Size: 182 KB
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font print Preview Preview Font Print Font font preview  
Show Your Fonts print and sample all of your computer fonts. In the sample window, you can input any text and have the text displayed amongst all of the displayed system fonts
Size: 1.5MB
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viewer printer display Font Viewer display utility  
Text Effects (Set 1) A collection of 100 text effects for Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, & CS3 (Win & MAC compatible). These Text...View a PDF sample presentation of each effect. Note: The samples are displayed at a lower resolution...
Size: 1000 KB
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CS3 collection  
FontKat/Win Users selectfonts to catalog along with the text they want FONTKAT to use in producing a sample of each font. There is full control of point size and sample text. The printed catalog shows what the fo...
Size: 334K
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sample text sample-size calculator sample-size  
The Fontz you can view your installed or uninstalled fonts in a wysiwyg list (displayed in their font faces) with your own sample text and live text resizing. Toggle the wysiwyg display between your sample text...
Size: 1000 KB
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